Influencing Claims Alexa Talked to a Ghost: Virtual Ghost? Alexa scares the life out of British influencer | Trends

A video went viral in social networks in which a british influencer stated that his virtual assistant activated after contact with a ghost.

After hearing loud noises, the man got up and appeared on one of the house’s security cameras.

Puzzled, he began to look around and your Amazon virtual assistant, Alexa, was activated.

Alexa started to say “his wife”, which clearly left the man with a puzzled face, the influencer began to question her, when the artificial intelligence claimed “you took it from me”.

The followers of this influencer and others who saw the recording doubt the veracity of the video.

“Like all ghost hunting shows, any footage should be treated for entertainment purposes only. These are our experiences living in a ‘haunted house’ and have not been validated by any scientific institution”said the man.

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