Indigenous Awá: They denounce a massacre against the Awá indigenous people | Politics

The Senator of the Historical Pact Cesar Pachón, denounced through social networks a Massacre against the people indigenous Awáin Altaquer, Barbacoas Nariño.

According to the information shared in the last hours they would have been murdered 4 indigenous Awá and two people more were injured, one of these victims a woman with 6 months pregnant.

“SOS Awá massacre, in Altaquer, Barbacoas Nariño kill 4 indigenous Awá and 2 more wounded. And she was Veronica Pai, with 6 months of pregnancy she is the 5th indigenous Awá murdered today in Nariño, in Llorente, Tumaco. They are exterminating our indigenous people and everyone looks the other way!” Pachón denounced on social networks.

This complaint was joined by the indigenous leader and former senator Feliciano Valencia who in the same social network said: “a new massacre is registered against the Awá indigenous people. were killed 4 indigenous and 2 more were wounded (…) Is it so slaughtering to the Awá people in the face of the indifference of the Iván Duque government.”

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