Inconsistencies between the Government and the Ombudsman for figures of victims in armed strike | Politics

Due to the recent armed strike sponsored by the Clan del Golfo, the deputy ombudsman Luis Andrés Fajardo presented a balance of victims before the Human Rights Commission of the Senate. Nevertheless, the figures do not agree with respect to the report presented by the Ministry of Defense when talking about the civilians killed during the crossfire.

According to figures from the Ombudsman, there were 12 homicides of adults, of which 2 were women and 10 men. While the Ministry of Defense affirms in its most recent report, cut off at 6 in the afternoon, that 3 civilian homicides have been reported.

Children have also been one of the most affected in this operation. The Ombudsman affirms that so far there have been a total of 13 detentions between girls, boys and adolescentsthe murder of a minor in Chocó Y an attack against a minor under 11 years of age in Remedios, Antioquia.

The deputy defender assured that 2 million students were affected by the attacks against educational institutions. Regarding the public force, there was also variation in the figures. According to the Ombudsman, 5 policemen were injured, there were 12 attacks on police stations and 3 clashes with the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC). In contrast, MinDefense affirmed that so far there are 7 injured policemen and 2 died.

In turn, Fajardo stated that “we are working in the territories like never beforewe are stuck in the farthest corners of the country […]where the issues are the most dangerous and most conflictive, we have strengthened our regional Ombudsman’s Offices”.

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