Illegal armed groups: Ombudsman denounces new criminal alliances in Puerto Tejada | Popayan

The Ombudsman’s Office warned of alliances between illegal armed groups and criminal organizations in the municipality of Puerto Tejada, in northern Cauca, for which delivered 45 recommendations to the civil authorities and the Public Force.

The purpose is to advance preventive actions and guarantee access to justice, attention to victims and that scenarios to overcome socioeconomic vulnerability.

The entity issued an early warning as a result of the complex situation faced by the inhabitants of this municipality, due to the presence of different forms of illegality that put the rights of the communities at risk.

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The residents have been victims of threats from post-demobilization groups, who, although they do not have an active presence in the territory, have delivered pamphlets with warnings.”

The Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, stated that this area is a mobility corridor for drug trafficking.

“Due to the extension of the cane fields, illegal immigrants can hide or serve as ‘invisible’ paths. also remains in evidence that weapons and stolen objects are transported through the area.”

Camargo pointed out that children and adolescents are at risk and exposed to joining criminal groupsor be victims of forced recruitment by illegal armed groups.

He added that he also there are risks for social leaders and Afro and indigenous communities.

“(…) The alert warns against the possibility of massive forced displacement or individual, homicides, threats, harassment and forced disappearance.”

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