ICBF denounced and fired an official who mistreated a minor in Bogotá

A video is circulating on social networks in which a worker of San Gabriel Emergency Center south of Bogota mistreats to a child under 5 years of age, he slaps her, hits her and even drags her on the ground, apparently because the minor wanted to eat.

According to Colombian Institute of Family Welfaredespite the fact that the events occurred in the month of May, immediately se activated a care route for children, children of the San Gabriel center.

In addition, the ICBF reiterated that both The official, like other psychosocial workers, were fired.

“A team from the Family Ombudsman carried out accompaniment and verification of the rights of all users. The night trainer was fired of the institution, as well as several psychosocial people” stated the ICBF.

For her part, the director of the ICBF Lina Arbeláez rejected the fact and stated that a complaint had already been filed with the Prosecutor’s Office.

“These acts are reprehensible, we have to reject them by the whole society. Within the framework that we have as ICBF to protect children, the first thing is that the complaints were filed with the prosecutor’s office and the personnel who were causing violations were removed from their positions. In addition, they are in the sanctioning process, “said the Director of Family Welfare. .

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