I will put myself in the front line of government to defend young people: Márquez | Politics

During her visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Vice President-elect of Colombia, France Marquezspoke about the government will lead with President-elect Gustavo Petro from the August 7th.

At the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK), the vice president assured that this government will bring a new nation project that is thought from “the root” to achieve equity and social justice.

Márquez assured that one of the biggest challenges he will have will be to promote the peacesilence the guns, but also attack the causes of armed violence.

“These causes have to do with hunger, they have to do with the guarantee of rights. These causes have to do with the abandonment of the state. Those causes have to do with racism,” he explained.

In her talk, the vice president stressed the importance of justice being done for aggression and abuse during the national strike.

“Thanks to all of them I am here. They were put in first line unemployed and I am going to put myself in the front line in the government to defend them” remarked the vice president.

Regarding the drug problem, Márquez reiterated the need to discuss said policy with a view to legalization.

“An entire industry can be generated, in pharmaceutical, food and textile terms, to generate opportunities for the same communities that have been victims of drug trafficking,” said the vice president.

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