Hundreds of aftershocks shake northern Philippines after earthquake | International

Concerned citizens slept outside their homes early Thursday morning after hundreds of aftershocks shook the northern philippines a day after a powerful earthquake in which at least six people died and more than 150 were injured by the 7.0-magnitude disaster in Abra province.

The powerful tremor brought down buildings, triggered landslides and shook buildings hundreds of kilometers in the capital manila: “Since yesterday there are earthquakes almost every 20 minutes, 15 minutes,” said Reggi Tolentino, owner of a restaurant in the capital. Bangued province.

At the same time, hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed, roads were blocked by landslides and the most affected provinces were left without electricity.

The President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. arrived in the province on Thursday to assess the damage and met with local representatives and urged the inhabitants not to return to their homes before the situation is controlled.

After the earthquake, more than 800 replicas, including 24 with enough force to be perceptible, indicated the local weather agency.

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