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The apple ecosystem It is one of the most complete in terms of technology and ease for users, so there are thousands of functions that many of them are still unaware of. One of them is with Manzana mapswith which you can find where he parked his car.

One of the great problems of people with vehicles is when they go to a parking lot, mainly to a malland they forget where they parked it.

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For this, Apple Maps has an option enabled in which users will be able to find the car without any problem. It works as if the car had a AirTag; that is, your iPhone will guide you to the place and tell you how many meters are left.

Sometimes you may arrive at the right place and not see your car. Calm down, don’t worry, what it means is that your vehicle is precisely in that place, but on another floor of the parking lot.

The only thing you need to do in order to enable this option is to have the iPhone (iPad) connected to the car by CarPlay or Bluetooth minutes before parking. In this way, Apple Maps understands that you parked at the moment you turn off the car and disconnect.

How do I find my car?

You must enter the app Apple Maps and at the bottom (as well as on the map) you will see the section “parking“. You must select there and click on “how to get there”. There it will begin to show you where you should go.

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