How is the fight against Monkeypox progressing in the world?: How is the fight against Monkeypox progressing in the world? | International

Upon meeting the first 3 cases of monkeypox in Colombiait is worth knowing how the world is facing this disease and how many infected humanity has this June.

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There are more than 2,103 cases in more than 42 countriesalthough the figures are not updated often, that is the framework that can be established when evaluating the scope that this smallpox has had on the planet, according to the World Health Organization, as of June 15.

Let’s start with Europe, which after a month and a half of detecting the first contagion, we know that the United Kingdom has 524 casesfollowed by Spain with 313, Germany with 263, Portugal with 241, the Netherlands with 167, then France with 33. In total, the European Center for Disease Control, in its latest registry, has 2,746 suspected cases in 29 countries of the continent.

monkey pox was born in Africa in 1958, where outbreaks and infections continue to occur, and although the records are still not clear, the countries that are most present are Sierra Leone, Libera and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, since two variants are known there.

In North America, we can count to June, 158 cases in Canada and 72 in the United States. In Oceania, only Australia has reported cases with two confirmed, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

And in the Latin American region, the most recent WHO report establishes that Brazil has 8 cases, Argentina 4, Mexico 5, Chile 3 and Venezuela with one case.

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