Historic Pact will seek release of demonstrators captured in the midst of protests | Politics

One of the promises of the president-elect Gustavo Petro was “the release of the young people who were captured for expressing their voice of protest.” To that end, congressmen from the Historical Pact filed a proposal to create a Accidental Commission between the Senate and the Chamber that can study the alternatives for the release of these protesters, most of them related to the so-called First Line.

In this regard, the representative to the Chamber for Bogotá Alirio Uribe explained that “what is going to be created is a Commission for the guarantee of human rights of the young people who were criminalized during the social protest. That means we are going to look for him youth outings who are today detained for the issue of the protests.”

According to the congressman, this is an issue that has been denounced, among others, by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Ombudsman, as well as national and international NGOs. “Here there are a number of young people who are innocent, who were captured and prosecuted. So let’s study routes to find your release. have been raised pardons, amnesties, Uribe added.

Another alternative that is beginning to be studied is to create a Commission of criminal alternative, says the parliamentarian, “to speak with the prosecutor, with the authorities and with the United Nations, to analyze case by case if these people really have to be detained or not. They have also thought of looking at the possibility that from this alternative commission they can repeal the measures assurance, and somehow what we want is for it to be understood that the protest is a fundamental rightand that no young person who participates in these protests should be imprisoned.”

This type of aid could also be included in bills that will file the Historical Pact. Regarding this possibility, Uribe affirmed that “there is a law that is statutory for regulate the protestanother to extend the law of public order, for a possible dialogue with the ELN, and there is also a law for subjugation of groups. In one of these you could place some rules that favor people detained for social protests”.

The commission will begin to meet (in a mixed manner) after the boards of the Senate and House approve the resolution confirm its creation. Although the initiative was from the Historical Pact, this legislative cell will be made up of legislators from other parties as well.

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