Hernán Darío Herrera National Candelo: Hernán Darío Herrera: “Candelo’s goal is from when one is going to be champion” | Sports

Hernan Dario Herreratechnician of National Athleticexpressed his joy after the 3-1 win in the first leg against Deportes Tolima and was optimistic of getting the title in the game back in Ibague the next Sunday.

“It’s a dream that’s coming true. One as a coach and former player of Atlético Nacional is incredible what I am experiencing, together with my family. One is calm, there is something upstairs that is helping us a lot, seeing Candelo’s goal, someone from upstairs is helping us, I don’t know if it will be the angels, my mom, the in-laws, but someone from upstairs is helping us,” he commented. The Muleteer at a press conference.

And Yerson Candelo’s goaladded: “Candelo’s goal is from when one is going to be a champion, he was not wrong, he looked at it and hit it very well. To score a goal from there against such a great goalkeeper. No one will forget that goal, he hadn’t seen it for a long time. One leaves happy with Candelo, we hope to continue workingwe have not won anything, we are with our feet on the ground and calm, go on Sundayeither a Ibagué”.

From the return game next Sunday at the Manuel Murillo Torohe said: “the type of match that I am going to watch there is a needy team like Tolima, with the need to overcome this score and us with the tranquility of the result, but we are going to take it seriously, with the mission that we are going to go to look for the title, because we have what”.

“We have a team that was able to come back from 1-0 against a good rival, but I see that the team has a very high mentality, a very high attitude and a very high character, With that I think we are going to get the title, with what Nacional is showing“, he added about it.

Finally, of the Tolima protest for the inclusion of Giovanni Moreno, after the sanction was lifted, he preferred not to comment. “I’ll leave that to you, not me, I’m enjoying winning, that’s not up to me.”

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