Gustavo Petro’s Inauguration: $2.4 billion available for Gustavo Petro’s Inauguration Ceremony | Politics

The Administrative Department of the Presidency awarded a contract with the company Plaza Mayor Medellín Conventions and Exhibitions to carry out all the logistics of transmitting the president’s command Ivan Duke to the elected president, Gustav Petro.

The contract of 3,571 million pesos includes the ceremony on August 7, but also resources for events outside the Narino Palace and in the Vice Presidency.

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According to the document, 2,400 million pesos will be worth the transmission of command, 532 million pesos will be for events outside the headquarters of the Presidency, 494 million will be destined for the organization of state halls and private houses and 143 million pesos for events. at the office of the Vice President.

From the Casa de Nariño they reported that the assembly of the event has already begun, in which state-of-the-art equipment, recyclable and biodegradable materials will be used, according to the logistics team, more than 100 thousand guests, 55 cultural acts, 600 artists on stage and activities in 4 plazas in the center of Bogotá.

Likewise, there will be 7 screens connected to fiber optics, more than 450 square meters of high resolution screen will be used, 230 people in charge of supporting the installation of sound, video, scenery and more than 1,500 go will be used for the perimeter enclosure.

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