Gustavo Petro Takes Office Democratic Center: Democratic Center defined who will respond to Gustavo Petro’s speech | Politics

After a meeting of the congressional caucus and a few days before the presidential inauguration, the Democratic Center defined that the senators Paloma Valencia, Maria Fernanda Cabal and Paola Holguinwill be in charge of responding to the speech that the elected president will give, Gustav Petro.

“We have made the decision that those who they are going to respond to the inauguration speech of the president-electGustavo Petro, will be Senators Paola Holguín, Paloma Valencia and María Fernanda Cabal”, indicated Senator Miguel Uribe.

Faced with the content of the speech of the Democratic Center, The congressman assured that “it will frame what will be the democratic opposition to this government, a responsible opposition thinking precisely of the country, in which we will always be willing to support what is convenient for Colombians, but we will firmly oppose what is harmful. Always make a call to non-violence, to defend the Military forces and the police,” he added.

The Democratic Center He declared himself, in recent days, in opposition to the government of Gustavo Petro.

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