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The Green Alliance heeded the call of the president-elect, Gustavo Petro to participate in the great National Agreementand appointed a commission that will be in charge of leading the dialogues and seeking programmatic affinities for the new administration.

Sources consulted by this section confirmed that the commission will be headed by Antanas Mockus, Anthony Navarro and Carlos Ramon Gonzalez.

The commission will seek advance fundamental agreements for the new government on issues for the overcoming violencethe povertythe corruption and the defense of the environment. In the next few days, the National Directorate will be convened to formalize the decision and declare itself a governing party.

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Hacienda Cuernavaca de Rodríguez Gacha will be handed over to peasants

In Pacho, in Cundinamarca there are the lands that in the 70s and 80s belonged to the drug trafficker Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, friend of Pablo Escobar, and one of the founders of the Medellin cartel, better known as “The Mexican”. Sources consulted by Caracol Radio confirmed that the properties known as Mazatlán 1 and Mazatlán 2 pass into the hands of these peasants.

This Thursday the director of the National Land Agency, Myriam Martínez will deliver 55 property titles to peasants in this area of ​​the country. The photograph shows how this property is today, there you can see a Dome in which the drug trafficker Rodríguez Gacha once had a captive bald eagle that he kept as a pet.

The victims upset with the JEP for an intervention by Ingrid Betancourt

A group of victims expressed their annoyance to the Special Justice for Peace for allowing Ingrid Betancourt speak without being on the list to intervene in the hearings. They say that they filed a guardianship to be able to speak, they denied it, but Ingrid was allowed to speak. On today’s day they will be with a list in hand so that the turns to give the testimony are respected.

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