Gustavo Petro divorces wives M19: The story of Gustavo Petro and his ex-wife, Mary Luz Herrán in the M-19 | Day by day

Mary Luz Herran, was the wife of Gustavo Petro and now, it is an active part of the campaign of the Historical Pact. He was 14 years old when he joined the M-19 guerrilla, he lived in Bucaramanga and there he had a job with a youth group, he joined the communist youth and had his first political training with them. However, he met the M-19 and his thinking was more aligned with that nationalist proposal and not so much with the communist one.

In the year 88 he met Gustavo Petro: “I fell in love and I went with him, difficult situations had already happened to me, they had made attacks on me. The circumstances gave rise to us leaving, we were in the Cauca and we ended up in Tolima”.

“I was a teenager, he made me understand that I had to have political training, be stronger, face difficult situations, he was always an ideologue, he was the political leader,” he said.

Herrán highlighted that Gustavo Petro was the builder of the peace proposal for the country, since he was the promoter of the dialogue proposal with Carlos Pizarro, the top commander of the M-19.

Mary Luz was captured in March 1989, according to what she says because a colleague handed her over: “Petro found out, they arrested me, they took me to the Ibagué district jail, I was there for 13 months.”

Every Saturday and for 13 months, Gustavo Petro visited her with a false identity: “he took me a little bag and there we cooked for ourselves and other guerrillas.”

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