GOVERNMENT : “Suspend death”: Petro to Clan del Golfo for pistol plan | Politics

the president elect Gustavo Petro He advanced a meeting with ambassadors from Latin America and the Caribbean, and at the end of that meeting he spoke about various issues of the country. The new president referred to the pistol plan that the clan of the gulf is carrying out against the Police, he told that group outside the law that “ suspend death.”

“I hope it ends now. The Gulf Clan is enabled to peacefully dismantle and to that extent take over, empower itself, show strength by killing young police officers, who are young, who in the end have no responsibility for the country’s problems, because it is not the way , the path is to propose a policy of pacification head on, it is difficult, but it must be proposed because it has to do with another way of understanding drug trafficking and with another way of overcoming drug trafficking, so from here I tell you: suspend death”, indicated the president-elect.

Regarding the offer made by Chile to host the talks with the ELN assured that Cuba would continue to host these talksbut that the door is not closed to other countries as well.

“Today there is already a place, which was the one used by Colombia in the Santos government, Havana. It did not go well for Cuba because then they turned it into the excuse for a diplomatic offensive against that country. We have spoken with the Cuban ambassador, present here, the restart of the protocol, suspended, of a diplomatic nature allows the continuity of the ELN talks there, the Cuban government will be the one to say if it wants to remain as host, if the Norwegian government wants to maintain its role as guarantor, which it was, that can be opened up to other countries, Spain has expressed provisions around helping the Colombian peace process and now the Republic of Chile, undoubtedly all of Latin America”, he added.

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