General Hospital of the North Medellin controversy: Medellin lost $650 million by not building the General Hospital of the North | Medellin

For the Comptroller General of the Nation, the decision of the Medellin’s town hall of not developing the Hospital General del Norte, generated the loss of 650 million pesoswhich were invested in previous studies and property management, carried out between 2014 and 2015.

The project was promoted by the mayor of Aníbal Gaviria Correa and in 2014 had the beginning of the structuringwith the aim of serving 650,000 inhabitants located in 6 districts of the city. In total, some 50 billion pesos were reserved at the time by the mayor’s office to advance one of the works most requested by the inhabitants of the north of the city.

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the promised hospital would have 10,000 square meters, with 100 beds, emergency services, hospitalization and surgery. The money for said financing came from the controversial merger of UNE, a subsidiary of EPM, and Millicom, the multinational that operates the TIGO brand.

The money from this project was kept in the so-called “Medellín Fund for Life”waiting for the Ministry of Health and other official entities, will deliver the authorizations for the construction. Meanwhile, the city advanced the property management and bought several houses to be able to enable the lot where the infrastructure would be.

Although the entire project was ready to start construction, due to permits from the Ministry of Health, I cannot start in 2015. However, when the Federico Gutiérrez administration arrivedthese resources were allocated to other projects, which, according to the Comptroller, means the loss of at least those 650 million pesos, represented in the structuring of this, and other unquantified resources that were invested in property management.

How is the ground today?

Today the land is completely abandoned, it has been used as a refuge for homeless people and displaced families who say they have no resources to survive. The place has become a focus of insecurity in the commune of Aranjuez.

While this worsens, the inhabitants of these communes continue without a highly complex hospital that attends to their demands and, on the contrary, they have to suffer the difficulties of traveling for long distancesspend money on tickets and often not be served in Medellín or Bello, where they normally go.

Radius Snail learned that currently the Comptroller investigate who are the fiscal responsible for the loss of this money and the lost profits of a work that has been in the waiting room for seven years and without anyone to attend to it.

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