France advances vaccination against monkeypox | International

In the middle of progression of monkeypox infections that have left four people dead in countries like Brazil, Spain and Peruin France 118 vaccination centers against the disease were opened considering that in the country They are close to 2,000 confirmed cases.

In case of presenting symptoms, the PCR diagnostic test is free and, for the time being, more than 4000 doses have been applied in Paris. These vaccines are intended primarily for men, sex workers, and transgender people who have multiple sexual partners.

So far, no deaths from monkeypox have been recorded in France, but most cases have been reported in the Ile-de-France region, in Pariswhere there is more population that belongs to risk groups and that has resulted in cases of homophobic discrimination.

The president of the AIDES association, Camille Spirepointed out that unfortunately there are people who “do not come to ask for help for fear of being discriminated against again (…) That there is a statistical reality that requires specific responses it does not mean that stigma and discrimination are acceptable.”

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