Formula 1 in Colombia FIA President: President of the FIA: “I don’t see it as impossible for Formula 1 to come to Colombia” | Sports

Mohammed ben Sulayempresident of the FIA (International Automobile Federation)), assured that It is not impossible for him that Colombia could one day host Formula 1; however, he added that it is a task that must have the support of the National government.

Ben Sulayem is located in Cartagena due to a Congress of the Federation which takes place in the country together with 24 other nations of the continent.

“I am in contact with Stefano Domninicali (President of F1), we talked about the diversity that there should be in Formula 1 and the scope that it should have in other countries. That is what Formula 1 is about, reaching and reaching other nations.s, grow in the business properly. He is doing very well financially right now. When we talk about sport, sport means competition, entertainment and business”, commented the leader in dialogue with The W.

And he added: “there are countries where you would not have dreamed that Formula 1 would arrive, for example in the Emirates it was said about 10 or 20 years ago that it was impossible for it to arrive and it didis already in three places of USA, I don’t see it impossible for it to arrive in Colombia. If the Government studies it in the right way and has a good project, If you study the benefits that it would bring to the economy, the social benefit, it could be achieved. It would be worth studying it, I could do it directly and I could come to the country.”

Barranquilla has already taken the first step

Jaime Pumarejo, Mayor of Barranquilla, in support of the outgoing government of President Ivan Duke, announced at the beginning of the year that his city was in talks with the directors of the Formula 1 to do an urban Grand Prix. Both leaders described this as “a dream”.

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