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Given the recent disagreements with the government of Iván Duque and the rapid approval that Gustavo Petro has had since he was chosen as president for the 2022-2026 period, at 10AM they analyzed the factors that influenced the favorability of former presidents Álvaro Uribe, Juan Manuel Santos and the Duke’s mandate.

The secretary of information and press in the government of Alvaro UribeRicardo Galán said that the 72% popularity in which the former president’s mandate ended was based on promises kept and permanent contact with the people. He assured that by the second term, the wear and tear of the two periods was already felt, but his strategy continued to be based on crack down on terrorism and do not negotiate with criminals.

But with the arrival of Juan Manuel Santoseverything changed with the dialogues and the Peace processon which, according to Camilo Granada, who was High Presidential Advisor for Communications in the Government of President Santos, the favorability of the former president was based, who despite leading with several clashes with uribismopositioned himself with a peace policy, which ended with 45% approval of his management and 35% sympathy with the people.

As for the government of Ivan Dukethey considered that it did not work for them to be the continuation of the mandate of a political sector from right or fixed to uribismso it was marked by the marches and protests that led to the withdrawal of the tax reform and disapproval from Colombians.

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While Gustavo Petro has risen in favor since he was elected as president, perhaps because of the appointments that send positive signals and change expectations of citizens.

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