Former Governor Luis Pérez renounced his presidential candidacy: Former Governor Luis Pérez renounced his presidential candidacy | Politics

Through his Twitter account, the presidential candidate of the Colombia Think Big movement, Luis Pérezannounced that he resigns in his aspiration to the House of Nariño due to what he calls a “ping-pong” campaign, where “only the wingers play.

“Resigning in time is vital for better moments and more promising scenarios to come. Tomorrow the little birds will also sing. My ideas and proposals remain, which I hope will serve the country to build a future that avoids 100 more years of poverty,” says Pérez in the statement.

In addition, he strongly criticized that the debates between the candidates became “inconsequential”, and that it is just a dirty war between the government and the opposition. In addition, he releases strong statements against “government militancy at one of the extremes”, reiterating that the political parties became reactionary.

According to the latest polls, Pérez occupied the last places in the contest, even when he collected 1.2 million signatures to access your application.

Let us remember that Pérez, former governor of Antioquia, was one of the politicians pointed out by Alias ​​’Otoniel’ in his statements before the JEP, linking him to the Clan del Golfo.

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