FONADE Corruption Prosecutor’s Office Dumb Benedett: FONADE Case: Prosecutor’s Office Renewed Opportunity Principle for Two Witnesses | Judicial

It’s about Richard Kamal Náder, who has criminal immunity for the crimes of bribery for giving or offering and private corruption and who must testify against five former officials of the defunct FONADE.

The prosecution also extended the principle of opportunity to Jorge Iván Henao Ordóñez, the main witness of this corruption scandal and who will testify against:

former senators Armando Benedetti Villaneda, who a couple of weeks ago the Supreme Court called for investigation in this case; former senator Musa Besaile, Bernardo Miguel ‘El ñoño’ Elías. Also against Elsy Mireya Pinzón, former adviser to Benedtti, and five former officials of the defunct FONADE.

The document known by Caracol Radio was signed by Deputy Prosecutor Martha Mancera.

The FONADE corruption case, according to court records, consisted of a series of rigged contracts that were signed in that defunct entity with the mediation of congressmen who received millionaire bribes in return.

FONADE case: Prosecutor renewed principle of opportunity for two witnesses / CARACOL RADIO

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