First Line Colombia: First Line: the scenarios to talk about the liberation of protesters | 6AM Today by Today

On the release of some members of the so-called ‘Front Line’ on account of his performance in the protests during 2021 he spoke in 6AM Today by Today from Caracol Radio, the representative to the Chamber for the Historical Pact, Alirio Barragán.

commented that from the community filed a proposal to create a Accidental Commission between Senate and Camera that can study the alternatives for the release of those affected:

“Indeed, yesterday they approved the creation of commissions on human rightss in the context of the protests. These are meetings with people who have been victims of arbitrary arrests with serious complaints,” he commented.

Representative Barragán reiterated that these meetings have taken place with people who have been victims of arbitrary detention and who allege that they are innocent:

“There are many people detained in their homes, who claim to be innocent. Many of them are activists human rights, and the idea is to analyze the routes that can be considered in this scenario. At first there is talk of a kind of amnesty or pardon, “he reiterated.

For its part, another alternative is to revive a Criminal Alternatives Commission, and with the help of the Prosecutor’s Office, NGOs and congressmen, it can be analyzed case by case.

Listen to the full interview on Caracol Radio

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