First case of monkeypox in Pereira: The first case of monkeypox in Pereira is confirmed | Pereira

This is an older man had contact with travelers from another country during the last 21 days. He, after reporting symptoms, is stable, in isolation and is receiving treatment from the health authorities.

According to the report delivered by the Secretary of Health of Pereira, the case was being handled as a suspect for a couple of days by the epidemiological surveillance team and the process of investigating the case and tracing close contacts began, who have not reported symptoms so far.

Angela Maria Rinconsecretary of health in charge of Pereira, confirmed that the man had some tests taken that were sent to the National Institute of Health in the city of Bogotá and, after the respective analyzes, was confirmed as positive for this pathology that continues to spread throughout the world.

“A few days ago we received a report of a suspected case of a resident of the municipality of Pereira, who, according to the evaluation of the epidemiological fence, has links with travelers in the last 21 days. Immediately with our epidemiological surveillance team We carry out case investigation actions and contact tracing. The clinical samples taken from the patient were sent to the National Institute of Health in Bogotá and the results reported today, July 29, 2022, give the positive report for Monkeypox. Within the measures of epidemiological surveillance, the tracing of their close contacts is defined, which have already been located and are being followed up for 21 days, with the novelty that, so far, none of them have symptoms,” he explained.

The authorities in Pereira reiterated the call to the citizens to avoid the direct contact with blood, fluids, lesions on the skin and mucous membranes of infected animals, because these are the forms that most enable the transmission of the disease. The ways of contact are close contacts such as hugs, kisses and sexual relations; In addition, it can be transmitted by microparticles that are expelled when speaking or coughing.

If someone has symptoms related to malaise, fever, muscle aches, headache, skin lesions, or swollen lymph nodespeople must isolate themselves for 21 days and avoid physical and sexual contact with other citizens.

It is important to highlight that, until now, at the international level More than 16,000 cases of monkeypox or monkeypox have already been confirmed and at least five deaths have already been reported.

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