FIFA Ranking Colombia 17th place: Colombia remains in the Top 20 of the FIFA Ranking | Sports

The Colombia selection remained in 17th place in the most recent update of the FIFA Rankingwhich continues under the command of Brazil, followed by Belgium Y Argentina.

Precisely the rise of the Albiceleste from fourth to third position was the main novelty of the list, moving one square to Francereigning world champion.

Colombia, 17 with 1604.7 points, is one of three Top 20 selections not ranked in the Qatar World Cup 2022like Italy (7th) and Sweden (20th).

The Costa Rica of Luis Fernando Suarezlast classified for the World Cup and the only team in Qatar under the orders of a Colombian coach, figure 34falling three positions compared to the last classification.

Brazil is first with 1837.56 points; followed by Belgium with 1821.92; from Argentina with 1770.65 and from France with 1764.85 points.

FIFA ranking for the month of June

1) Brazil 1837.56

2) Belgium 1821.92

3) Argentina 1770.65

4) France 1764.85

5) England 1737.46

6) Spain 1716.93

7) Italy 1713.86

8) Netherlands 1679.41

9) Portugal 1678.65

10) Denmark 1665.47

17) Colombia 1604.07

34) Costa Rica 1500.06

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