Fajardo Quintero Elections: What does Sergio Fajardo think about the decision to suspend Daniel Quintero? | 6AM Today by Today

In 6 AM from Caracol Radio the presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo commented on the suspension Mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quinteroby the attorney.

“What I have said over and over again, here there have been political participation shamelessly. Just yesterday we filed a accusation against him Republic Presidentwhich has made for me the greatest political participation”, assured Fajardo.

Faced with the accusation, the candidate said that “the president ‘threw the guarantee law‘ and then the Constitutional court said that could not be done, why is it participation in politics? Because they put a quantity of resources that could not be used under the law, they used them during the course of the campaign and knowing that this was not correct, of course, they waited for the court to make a decision, that they knew which one it was going to make, but the elections“.

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