Fajardo criminally denounced Duque for promoting the modification of the guarantee law | Politics

After the Constitutional Court will overturn the modification to the guarantee law approved by Congress, through the General Budget Law, the presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo criminally denounced President Iván Duque for promoting this change.

The complaint was filed with the Committee on Accusations of the House of Representatives, who is in charge of investigating the constitutional appraisersand there the candidate maintains that Duque would have committed the crime from malfeasance by action.

“The president is the person who has the highest responsibility in our democracy, Starting with setting an example. But the president acted illegally when approving the guarantee law, and the Constitutional Court said exactly that he broke the law, and he did it knowing what he was doing.” candidate Fajardo affirmed.

Even for the former mayor of Medellín, this “is a direct violation of the law, but It is also a way of participating in politics, Well, that law that had as its spirit not to allow public resources to enter electoral campaigns, to avoid patronage and corruption, violated it and allowed resources to enter the electoral campaign. That is corruption.”

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