Extortions: Anxiety in Barranquilla due to extortions: What are the authorities doing? | Day by day

Given the recent murders of urban bus drivers in Barranquilla, the mayor Jaime Pumarejoannounced on 10AM that as of this Monday, 702 police officers join the city, together with the Armywill be patrolling the bus routes and accompanying them to fight crime and ensure your safety.

The president of Barranquilla confirmed that they have presented 3 driver murders in recent days, in retaliation for the extortion of bus companies and the arrival of micro-trafficking gangs.

The mayor assured that they are not going to be left alone, and that they will continue to implement measures such as changing the jail from some inmates who carry out the extortions from prison, as well as the accompaniment during the work routes.

Likewise, he called for the end of the unemployment that has generated mobility problems, and affected hundreds of Barranquilla residents who were unable to reach their places of work.

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The mayor said that in Barranquilla there has been an increase in homicides due to territorial dispute that some gangs have and with the arrival of two or three new ones, for which he considers that the “great challenge that the new government will have in terms of security, is the new actions of the gangs that are dedicated to micro-trafficking that instrumentalize young people.”

Barranquilla economy

Facing this issue, Pumarejo assured that they have had a good economic recovery after the pandemic of COVID-19, as they have managed to recover unemployment levels and place the city in the sixth with the least inequality in Colombia. He assured that the great objective is to generate quality employment and that the subsidies that are delivered by the government, the citizens use them to generate their own monetary capacity.

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