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General (retired) William Rene Salamanca, appointed by the president-elect Gustavo Petro, for the junction with the defense sector, spoke on 6AM Hoy por Hoy of Caracol Radio, about the spirit of the Public force to fulfill its institutional tasks and cooperate for peace.

The general, in solidarity, sent greetings to the families of the members of the Public Force assassinated in recent days due to the Gun plan. Likewise, he called for a pronouncement on the part of the citizens in the face of this problem that threatens the lives of police officers.

The general spoke about the new Defense Minister, Ivan Velasquez, pointing out that he is a “Colombian with an impeccable resume and with a great career” and stated that he was very optimistic about the appointment.

Faced with the issue that concerns members of the Public Force in corruption cases, the General (retired) pointed out that the cases that have been presented are being investigated and that Colombian society must promote them so that there is transparent institutions.

“The public servant, in any scenario, has to show ethical behavior and be transparent. The force cannot be oblivious to the challenge of generating trust and tranquility in Colombians,” said the general.

About the connection with the new Minister of Defense

Iván Velasquez assumed the leadership of the Ministry of Defence, however, this appointment, made by the president-elect Gustav Petro, It worries several political sectors due to the interest in negotiating with groups outside the law. However, in the face of this fact, General Salamanca said that: “at this junction I find the Public Force with high morale and with a full and determined commitment to carry out its constitutional task”.

According to William Salamanca, the purpose of the incoming government is to link the Military Forces in the construction of strategies that allow the development of the country. And that the role of National Police either as part of the Ministry of Defense or as a more civilian institution, it will continue to cooperate in its task of guarantee peace.

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