End of the world extinction climate change: Total extinction is near: The climate catastrophe that the study announces | Science

The climate change and its effects and consequences have already been proven. Now, a group of 11 researchers from United Kingdom, China, United States, Germany, Netherlands and Australiathrough an article published in the PNAS science magazinewarned about the risks that climate change entails entering a zone of no return and a catastrophic point.

The article titled ‘Climate Endgame’ (The end of the climate game, in Spanish) assures that this study has the purpose of exploring the worst risks that the world would reach due to climate change. The researchers studied and explored different cases and highlighted the reasons for their catastrophic concern.

The researchers, likewise, proposed a research agenda and in it, they included results that affirm a loss of 10% of the world population until total human extinction.

Likewise, within the report, an intergovernmental report is strongly requested to inform people and promote research.

To explain their hypotheses, the researchers argued that the consequences of climate change have not been thoroughly studied to a greater degree than 3°C In the study, they stated that through a model that shows areas of extreme heat would put 2 billion people at risk by 2070. By this time, temperatures could affect two nuclear powers and seven laboratories containing dangerous pathogens.

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