ELN: Government and ELN are willing to resume talks: Antonio García | Politics

Through your account Twitter, Anthony Garcia top commander of THE N, assured that it is important that there be expectations for peace in Colombia and the establishment of a new process.

The guerrilla leader said that both the new government and the ELN have expressed their Will and the mutual interest for resume talksHowever, he assured that the agenda and the process must be discussed at a table.

“For those of us who are responsible, on both sides, it is advisable to reduce the use of the microphone and work more on resume conversations table; something that cannot be done until the new government is in office,” said García.

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The ELN chief assured that it should be discussed What return the diary agreed with the Government of Juan Manuel Santos: “Very surely we will have to contextualize what was agreed at that moment, because we also have to make a kind of splice”.

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