Elections 2022 Sergio Fajardo: “We are not going to get together with Petro”: Fajardo closes doors to eventual dialogue | Politics

Despite the request that, through a digital letter, made by more than 800 people so that the presidential candidates Gustavo Petro Y Sergio Fajardo They sat down to talk, in the antechamber of the electionsit seems more and more distant that this rapprochement materializes. Although Petro does not rule it out, Fajardo does He says that they are not going to get together.

“We are not going to get together with Petro. They are spreading fake news to confuse and mislead. We go to the end. On May 29, everyone to vote without fear, without anger (…) We have profound differences with the other applications, and that’s why we keep going without alliances with political sectors that from the same Government, the control organisms, and the same opposition, have tried by all means to damage the political project that Colombia needs today“, says Fajardo.

For his part, the senator and leader of the Historical Pact declared that “I do not rule out dialogue. On the contrary, I propose whatthat Colombia is filled with social and political dialogues. However, he refused to answer, in the middle of a press conference in Bogotá, questions about this eventual alliance and of another type.

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However, from the Pact have flirted with the Fajardo campaign. For example, the senator and head of parliamentary debate Roy Barreras recently invited former minister John Ferdinand Christ to join thePetro’s campaign. “vto be part of the best team and bring Sergio. It is very valuable… the recovery of the legacy of peace is at stake.”

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