Ecopetrol: Ecopetrol exceeds 2021 profits in the first half of 2022 | 6AM Today by Today

Today Colombia celebrates the good news that the profits of ecopetrolexceeded those of 2021 in the first half of 2022, achieving a net profit of $17.1 billion, up from $16.7 billion last year.

This was confirmed in an interview with Caracol Radio’s 6AM, by Felipe Bayón, president of Ecopetro, who assured that these results are the product of the more than 18,000 employees, engineers, operators and workers who are in Colombia and 9 other countries working on the efficiency of means of production.

The president said that these results are also generated by the good behavior of EBITDAthe average price of the crude oil barrel which was US$111.96, the Tayrona contractwhich today, 18 years later, is giving good news to the country and the TRM.

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In front of fracking issue In Colombia, the president of Ecopetrol considers that this activity allows the country to be self-sufficient, but that “the problem is not the source of energy, but rather the emission.”

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