Duque Government leaves the process ready to tender for the rescue of the San José Galleon | National

In dialogue with the EFE agency, Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucía Ramírez confirmed that the government of Ivan Duque will leave the whole process ready for you Gustavo Petro’s administration launch a new tender dedicated to extract the treasure of the galleon San José.

“With President Iván Duque, we completely cleared the way for the new government to call a new tender, a new international invitation, under different terms”, explained the vice president.

Ramírez explained that previously “it had been agreed a public-private partnership in the previous government, where the originator of that PPP was going to be paid in kind with a part of the submerged treasure, and we think that that was nonsense because there the history of three continents converges (America, Europe and Africa)”.

For the vice president, the known images of the shipwreck are “evidence that everything that is there it is an archaeological heritage, it is a cultural heritage” so the extraction of the treasure must occur after an archeology work in which “Scientists determine how they are going to get it out.”

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