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a group of citizens has received threats and intimidation from companies that offer loans through digital platforms. At first, these are shown to be “friends” of those who need it and, given the need, they end up accepting the conditions that they impose.

Loans can be requested from $50,000 until 1,000,000 pesos. However, what users do not know is that these companies treat personal data improperly. In 10AM Today by Today We collected some testimonials:


I saw a post on Facebook who made loans and I contacted PROFINI sent the request by $120,000, in the end they consigned $70,000 and the remaining $50,000 disappeared. I had a need and at that point they told me I had three months to cancel. To the surprise of many, before 7 days they begin to write to you on the phone. If the cancellation was not made, they communicated with the references,” said a woman whom we will call ‘Marta’.

“I made a loan through FishCredit for $520,000 pesos. Initially I downloaded the app from the PlayStore and gave it the permissions it needed. It took two days for the disbursement and they told me that the deadline was 90 days, and in 7 days they started calling me. They also approved another loan for me without requesting it,” said Víctor.

“I also applied for a credit for PROFIN and the advertising is misleading. I was going for 1,200,000 and when the credit expires and one needs advice they don’t answer the phone, ‘Óscar’ said.


An expert on the subject reiterated that these types of credits are becoming more frequent without the need to go to the bank, only in a matter of minutes through mobile applications:

“More attention is required to know who lends it and how much it will end up paying. This is a very simple complaint that can be made to the Superintendence and terrible traps are camouflaged in the collection of interest,” said María Carolina Corcione , former delegated superintendent for Consumer Protection of the SIC.

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