Disappeared Persons: Work between the JEP and the Search Unit to find out what happened to 7,281 people | Judicial

The Case 04 investigated by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace is that of the territorial situation of the Uraba region and to advance in this purpose we work hand in hand with the Search Unit for Missing Persons.

The Search Unit has an initial universe in the Urabá region of 7,281 disappeared persons. The information provided by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace to the Search Unit includes 365 events related to forced disappearanceidentified in case 04 investigated by this court.

Also hearing recordings of versions and other proceedings such as the testimony of Dairo Antonio Usuga alias ‘Otoniel’as well as the delivery by the FARC of a list with 186 missing person records in the midst of hostilities in this region of Uraba.

With this information, as well as that collected by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace on the cemeteries in the prioritized territories in case 04, such as that of Ituango, Carepa, Apartadó, Chigorodó and Mutatáthe Search Unit will enrich its databases of the National Registry of Graves, Illegal Cemeteries and Burials and the Universe of Persons Given as Missing, which to date has identified a national historical of 99,235 reports.

Likewise, it will advance humanitarian actions location, recovery, identification, and worthy deliveries missing people, that allow to contribute to the satisfaction of the victims rights.

This joint work between two entities that are part of the Comprehensive System for Peace will allow rapid progress in judicial investigation of the JEP and also to find out what happened to the missing.

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