Dead manatee Barrancabermeja Ciénaga concern: another manatee died in Santander | Bucaramanga | Present

It’s about a male manatee that appeared lifeless on the El Llanito swamp in Barrancabermeja, Santander.

The specimen was found by local fishermen when they made a tour of the tributary and turns on the alarms, because in 10 days, two mammals have died in waters in waters of the department.

Oscar Sampayo, environmentalist of the region indicated that Today the animal will be inspected.

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“Today in the morning the authorities will be charged and Cabildo Verde the dead animal will be transferred to the Cabildo facilities to make the proper inspections and send to the laboratory to find out the causes of his death,” said Sampayo.

The concern is that this is the third manatee found dead in Santander so far this year.

First appeared in February in Puerto Wilches, the previous one last July 18 in the Paredes swamp and the most recent, the one from a few hours ago, in Barrancabermeja.

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