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In the early eighties, when I was a couple of years away from graduating high school, I went to see the movie “Gandhi”, with a masterful performance by Ben KingsleyY. Three hours and something more. But in the first minutes of the tape the Indian leader was assassinated. And that’s it. After the end, one concentrated on the story.

So today, as in “Ghandi”, beginning to the end: last night, attorney Margarita Cabello probably possessed Gustavo Petro as president, by suspending his great ally, Daniel Quintero, Mayor of Medellin. Once the eventual end of the film has been raised, let’s take a look at the total script.

Although last night the prosecutor showed that she is prone to stepping on shells and taking hooks, we are not going to follow her example. And we will say that, for the sake of a healthy discussion, we are not going to question that she applied the tools of his role. Of course, noting that broad sectors maintain that he ignored a sentence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that maintains the impossibility for the Attorney General’s Office to remove elected officials from their positions (which could happen after the suspension of Mayor Daniel Quintero), and that that power rests only with a judge. And a prosecutor is not a judge.

For the sake of a healthy discussion, we are going to assume that he acted correctly in the application of the law. But perhaps he did not measure the political effects of his determination. Or she measured them, but she had interests that made her jump into the abyss of her. Slow and pachydermic in all pronouncements on public officials who have gone beyond the challenger video of Quintero putting first in the changes of his car, including General Zapateiro, he was a swift hare to tighten the nails in the wrist of the mayor of Medellín. And it could be said, as we learned on Caracol Radio, that his decision is not due to the video, but to a forceful investigation of the mayor, whom the Attorney General’s Office has been investigating for three months. Yes. All this may be, but one thing is what it is and another is what a good part of public opinion believes it really is.

Because today many Colombians believe that the ex-minister of Iván Duque, the attorney complacent with the government, applied the law of the funnel and tightened the screws on one of Petro’s colonels, turning a blind eye to the blunders of ministers and military . Because one thing is that her decision is legally correct and, another, that it was politically awkward and at the most sensitive moment in the country’s electoral history.

How many times does lightning strike the same tree? We are witnessing the second time that someone in the position of Attorney serves Gustavo Petro success on a platter, because parodying the famous series that I translate as “orange is the new black”, today Cabello is the new Ordóñez.

One can say that his decision on Quintero could be accepted in legal terms, but the suspicions are generous and all lead to the same crossroads: Cabello let political interests permeate the majesty of his position. She did not exhibit here the cunning that led her to conquer souls to become a prosecutor and she clumsily dropped the atomic bomb a few hours after the revelation of the video of Quintero getting into first gear. Just when the Yanhass poll showed a Petro likely to win in the first round.

To put it in a crude wartime metaphor, Cabello put the launch button of a sophisticated ballistic missile in Putin’s hand. Being able to act in law, I admit, White Hair put the foot in and suspended Quintero with the effectiveness that the unfortunate recall committee did not have. To put it like we talk on the street, he did Petro a favor. And Petro, we know, is never deprived of gobbling down the papaya they serve him.

The country had been seeing how the fuel was looking for paths on the ground, but the match was dropped by the ex-Duchy attorney. Mine is journalism, never activism. I do not applaud candidates, but I am not here to nail them to a tree, and this is an opinion column that seeks everything except to defend an official who, among others, has strongly scratched the prohibitions to intervene in the campaign. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that politics has targeted White Hair’s performances.

In the best Rulfo style, the Llano is on fire and we all know who the arsonist is. Prosecutor: The least that can be said about you, and with some benevolence, is that you lacked tact and timing. But we are not the journalists to judge it. For that there are 50 million Colombians. Today at 6AM we will hear many opinions and will have positions from all corners of the political spectrum. And it’s those voices that matter, not the director of this show. But before giving way to that accumulation of feelings and thoughts, I will reissue what I said at the beginning of this column, that attorney Margarita Cabello, by a hair, took Petro to the first magistracy. Correct, I do not want to be unfair: by a hair, no. For a Hair!

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