Daniel Quintero Gustavo Petro: Will Daniel Quintero be part of Gustavo Petro’s cabinet? | 6AM Today by Today

In an interview with 6AM of Caracol Radio, the mayor of Medellín Daniel Quinteroconfirmed that he met with the President elect Gustavo Petroto advance the management and the work that will be carried out in its government.

The mayor said that he is recovering the times he lost due to the suspension of the attorney by alleged political involvementfor which he assured that “he has a challenge with Medellín and that he will continue serving where he feels he can impact and generate change.”

The president said he is working with EPM, ecopetrol Y In the of Bogotá to create a joint alliance that allows to promote the renewable energy and ensure that these companies have a future.

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Will his wife be in Petro’s cabinet?

Quintero He said that his wife Diana Marcela Osorio is a leader, and that if Gustavo Petro decides to appoint her to his cabinet, it will be his decision.

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