Cristian Castro Devenish: "We have to leave Gio behind"

Cristian Castro DevenishBarranquilla defense of National Athleticspoke with The Lengthen of Radius Snail on the news of the team, the departure of John Moreno and the duel of Colombian Cup this Thursday before the Junior.

Of the bad present of the team, he said: “every day we are working for that, day by day, in all training sessions, we are returning to pick up all the rhythm that we had last semester, we hope that everything turns out in the best way. As I said in a press conference recently, this is not how it begins but how it ends.“.

While he recognized the blow that the departure of John Moreno: “Perhaps yes, a little because he was a good leader, a good teammate, he was there looking out for everyone, especially us young people who are just starting out, who are in a great club. For a teammate as important as Gio to leave like this, everyone was low, but we have to leave that behind.”

And he added: “he knows that the teammates love him very much, we are always very aware of him. We’ve always had the faith, whether it comes or not, we’ll always be grateful to him.”

The defender sees the game against Junior as a possibility to start straightening the path: “we are working for that, we are focused on what is coming against Junior, We have to show that we were the last Cup champions. We want to get there to propose”.

While highlighting the presence of Orlando Berrio in Nacional training: “any squad would like to have a player like him, a winning player and winning players on teams are very important. The doors are open there.”

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