Covaindina has not completed school construction: Coviandina has taken 6 years to start building a school | 6AM Today by Today

Coviandin has given a new headache to the mayor of VillavicencioJuan Philip Harman. This was what he told us at 6AM:

“One of the responsibilities that Coviandina has with the ‘stormy’ construction of the dual carriageway on Plank-Chijarais the construction of the Pipiral school”.

Established as one of the concessionaire’s obligations since they granted environmental license for the work in 2016.

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In these 6 years they have Exhausted all the instances so that they begin with their construction, even, a complaint was filed against them before the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA), on which, they are still waiting for a decision. sanction or fine.

“Because —as the mayor said— at the moment of truth, by 2022, the procedures and progress for the construction of this school have been practically null”. Although the Tablón-Chijara dual carriageway has cost 500 billion pesos and the school only a few 1,200.

However, the dealer continues dilating actions to comply with its environmental license, trying to share the responsibility of transferring the school with the municipality.

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And the only body that can establish that they have not fulfilled their commitment is the ANLA.

Their responsibility, under the license, forces them to relocate the school. a conclusion to which they too they arrived in their environmental impact study.

But they have not complied, so today close to 100 children they are at imminent risk of being trapped under a landslide between the old track and the new track.

They have not advanced in the acquisition of the property nor in the construction or design studies and, even so, assure that in 2 months they will deliver the school.

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