Council of Bogotá: Council of Bogotá approved budget addition for 812 billion pesos | Bogota

In the plenary of Bogota Council approved the additional budget for the District in 2022 by 812 billion pesos with the aim of prioritizing social investment and improving services to the population in the post-pandemic.

According to the Mayor’s Office, lThe resources will be allocated mainly to education, health and housing improvement.

“For the education sector will be allocated 241 billion (30%), distributed in infrastructure and provision of learning environments; coverage of socioemotional strategies. Likewise, for health, they will be others 238 billion (30%)in promotion and prevention of public health, payment of health care to the migrant population, and strengthening of the district network of health services” indicated the Administration.

Also, 125 billion pesos (15%) they will be used for school feeding programs; gardens and economic support in old age.

“With these resources we will attend 71 thousand children and pregnant women, within the framework of the Social Rescue, in accordance with the socioeconomic dynamics of families and caregivers; food support for the vulnerable population, and the Community Kitchens – Popular Kitchens, with attention to 32,500 seats and the supply of raw food to beneficiaries of kindergartens and food packages, among other destinations with a social impact,” said the District Secretary of the Treasury, Juan Mauricio Ramírez.

The requested resources will also seek to cover needs for 196 billion pesos (24%), in locative home improvements through the Home Improvement Subsidy.

According to the District administration, the resources they will mainly come out of the 2021 fiscal surplus; dividends and profits of the Group of Bogota Energy, and financial surpluses of the Aqueduct and Sewage Company of Bogotá (EAAB).

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