Corruption : Odebrecht Case: Prosecutor’s Office charged Daniel García Arizabaleta | Judicial

The Prosecutor’s Office charged former INVIAS director Daniel Andrés García Arizabaleta with the crimes of illicit enrichment and falsehood in a private document, for his alleged participation in the Odebrecht case.

The prosecution says that Arizabaleta between 2009 and 2013, would have received payments from Constructora Norberto Odebrecht. To send him the illegal money and not leave traceability of the transactions that the multinational did through the company Consultores Unidos SAS, represented by Eduardo José Zambrano, signing two fictitious contracts for this.

That company Consultores Unidos, apparently, received collection accounts and false invoices for services that were never provided, and disbursed the resources to Mr. García Arizabaleta without leaving a trace of his relationship with Odebrecht.

“I am innocent, I think this is a political issue and I do not accept charges” Arizabaleta said at the hearing

The research finds that Daniel Andres Garcia Arizabaleta register a unjustified capital increase of $360,000,000.

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