Corruption FONADE Prosecutor’s Office: The corruption case of the defunct FONADE falters | Judicial

Caracol Radio learned that the corruption case of the defunct FONADE is faltering because the principle of opportunity (criminal immunity) granted to the main witness Jorge Iván Henao Ordóñez is hours away from expiring. The case is in the office of Attorney General Francisco Barbosa.

The defense of Henao Ordóñez, He asked prosecutor Barbosa to respond to the request made by the prosecutor in that case, so that it be extended for at least six more months.the principle of opportunity in favor of the accused, since their collaboration has been effective, and it has also served the Supreme Court to link several congressmen in that corruption scandal.n.

Henao Ordoñez enjoys partial immunity for the crime of improper interest in entering into contracts.

He is the main witness against him.Former congressmen Musa Besaile and Bernardo Miguel el ‘Ñoño’ Elías, in addition to former senator Armando Benedetti, who two weeks ago was called for investigation into this scandal. He is also a witness against Elsy Mireya Pinzón, Benedetti’s former adviser.

The principle of opportunity expires this Wednesday, August 3, and the defendant’s defense warns that, if it does not extend, his client would no longer collaborate with justice. The decision is in the office of the Attorney General.

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