Corruption court Prosecutor Rodrigo Aldana: Supreme Court orders the release of former prosecutor Rodrigo Aldana | Judicial

The Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ordered the conditional freedom to the former prosecutor Rodrigo Aldana Larrazabal because he has already served three-fifths of the sentence. the sentenced he enjoyed the house by jail since March 2021.

When reviewing an appeal, the High Court overturned a decision of the Judge 20 of Execution of Sentences of Bogotá that had denied the benefit to Aldana, on the grounds that he could not be released because the conduct for which he was convicted was serious and should be punished, despite having already served most of the sentence. For the Court it is not necessary because the convicted person has shown a resocialization process.

Rodrigo Aldana was sentenced in 2017 to nine years in prison, because in his position as Domain Forfeiture tax benefited the former senator Otto Bula with goods that belonged to drug traffickers.

The Court determined that: Aldana “has not remained idle during the prison procedure, he has overcome himself through educational work, this denotes an attitude of readjustment and amendment, he has adequately assumed his permanence in the detention center, all of which translates into a favorable prognosis for rehabilitation.

You must sign a commitment document that must respect for the remaining time of the sentencethat is, two years and five months, and be supervised by the Judge of Execution of Penalties.

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