Consult RUNT Colombia: Runt by plate: how to consult the data of a car on the internet | National

Vehicle owners should know that the RUNT is the Single National Transit Registry is responsible for managing the information of the vehicles of Colombia. Whether it is licenses, infractions, fines, among others.

Thus, if you need to make any inquiries about the individual, you can enter the official website and do it with a plate or identity card.

Consult the RUNT online step by step

1. Enter the website of the RUNT.

two. Find the option Consultation of vehicles by license plate.

3. Fill out the form that appears there with data such as origin, license plate, document, among others.

4. Run reCAPTCHA.

5. Check the data and click on ‘Consult information

6. The system will show you all the information of your vehicle.

Consultation by license plate in Bogotá

In the case of the capital, all queries related to the vehicle are made by SIMUR.

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