Constellations: How to find and identify them with our cell phone?

Technology and science have always gone hand in hand, so now that we have almost everything at our fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

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The constellations They have always been a great mystery for human beings and with them many stories have emerged, from their creation, location, meaning, among others.

Luckily, now it is much easier to know and locate them. With just one application on your cell phone you can find out what you always wanted from the different constellations.

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There are several applications, depending on the operating system of our cell phone, Android or IOS, among them we can find:

  • SkySafari
  • stellarium
  • sky-map
  • star walk 2

They all offer different functions but have a common purpose: to help us find and identify the constellations.

The recommendations to use them is that we are in a place without much Light pollutionat night and be in a comfortable position to observe the constellations.

Once you are in the right place, the app you have chosen will tell you how to position the cell phone to identify the stars.

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