Congress prioritizes solution to water shortage in Santa Marta

Within the framework of the programmatic withdrawal of the government caucus, Senate President Roy Barreras said it will be priority in the debate on the General Budget of the Nationthe Magdalena capital aqueduct project.

We have compromised the will of the government caucus to promote, in the list of priorities, the water for Santa Martato do justice to the most vulnerable population,” said the president of the legislature.

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He added that Santa Marta receives 3 million tourists a year and “this is a source of income and a lifeline for this country to turn it into a world power of life and tourism”.

Barreras also reiterated that it is the end of the blockade of Magdalena“the blockade ended for the Magdalena. All the governors of Colombia received some type of support in the outgoing government, except for Governor Caicedo. A progressive government has arrived that recognizes the institutionality of all departments.”

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