Comptroller, Roy Barreras: “It does not obey the inclusion of anyone”, Roy to criticism for redo list of comptroller | Politics

Despite the fact that on July 16 the outgoing Congress defined the list of 10 candidates for comptroller general, the new legislature, at the head of its President Roy Barrerasdecided to redo this list, arguing legal loopholes that needed to be resolved.

Together with the president of the House of Representatives, David Racero, Barreras signed the resolution that created the new accidental commission that will be in charge of defining those 10 names. He even, he announced that they were summoned for the next thursday august 4thto this end.

The Commission, which will be composed by 18 representatives and 18 senators, “will be in charge of legally correcting and sanitizing the process,” said Roy, who insisted that the previous process had generated legal errors for having been done in an accelerated and anticipated manner, since he even stated that the election would be the August 3, before the inauguration of President-elect Gustavo Petro.

In Chamber it appointed a representative from each party. For Alianza Verde will be Santiago Osorio, from the Dolcey Torres Liberal Party, Jennifer Pedraza representing Dignity, Julia Miranda for the New Liberalism, the conservative seat belongs to Juan Carlos Wills, the Democratic Center will have Carlos Edward Osorio, Bayardo Betancourt of Radical Change, Jorge Eliecer Tamayo for the U, Heraclito Landinez will go for the MAIS Party, Agmeth Escaf for Human Colombia, Edward Sarmiento del Polo, the ADA will have Gloria Arizabaleta, Irma Luz Herrera will go for MIRA, Carlos will go for Comunes Carreño, Gabriel Becerra will be for the UP, for Colombia Renaciente Jorge Cerchar, and the two representatives of the Afro seats, Miguel Polo Polo and Ana Monsalve.

in Senate, instead, the 18 were defined by coefficient. Alexander López, Gloria Florez, Isabel Zuleta and Clara López will be for the Historical Pact; the representatives of Verde Centro Esperanza will be Humberto De La Calle, Gustavo Moreno and Iván Name; the Conservative Party was left with Nadia Blel and Liliana Bittar; the Liberals will be with Lidió García and Miguel Ángel Pinto; for the U will be Berner Zambrano and Juan Felipe Lemus; by Exchange Jorge Benedetti and Carlos Abraham Jiménez; of the Comunes Party, Sandra Ramírez was defined, while the senators of the Democratic Center will be Honorio Henríquez and Enrique Cabrales.

The controversy over Julio César Triana

This decision of redoing the list has caused criticism from some sectors who anticipate that it would be so that the candidate and former deputy comptroller general remains on the final list Julius Caesar Triana, who was also an official during Gustavo Petro’s Mayor’s Office and it has been said who the president-elect would like to promote. Even in 2018 Petro and his bench voted for him in the process that defined the current comptroller Felipe Córdoba.

Given this controversy, Barreras assured that “This new Congress and this new commission do not legislate or execute their duties on account of the speculations of social networks. The reason why this commission is being set up is eminently legal and in obedience to court rulings. It obeys neither the inclusion nor the exclusion of anyone”.

In fact, seeking to guarantee transparency, the session will be public, will be broadcast and will have the presence of national observers (such as the MOE) and international observers (such as the Carter Center). It was scheduled for next Thursday at 2 in the afternoon.

Of the list of 20 candidates, on which they are going to decide in the commission, two candidates have already resigned (Karol González and Juan Carlos Gualdrón) and one more is disqualified due to the issue of age, which is the former director of the DNP, Luis Alberto Rodríguez . The list is now made up of 4 women and 13 men.

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