Comptroller General Court Lawsuits: They investigate the magistrate who stopped the process of electing the Comptroller General | Judicial

Disciplinary investigation opened to the magistrate of the Court of Cundinamarca who intervened in the controversial process of election to Comptroller General

This is Magistrate Moisés Rodrigo Mazabel, of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, who through a precautionary measure ordered to remake the list of eligible Comptroller, after a lawsuit alleging violation of gender equality.

Magistrate Mazabel, it also opened a contempt incident that has not yet been resolved.

The official letter from the National Judicial Disciplinary Commission that opens the investigation warns that, according to the complaint filed by the lawyer Julián Fernando Duarte, the magistrate of the Court of Cundinamarca ordered the urgent precautionary measure without proving the existence of an imminent risk that would affect the collective right.

“because the list of eligibles was annulled, which concerned a preparatory administrative act with electoral content. Likewise, the complainant referred that the disciplinary party ignored the provisions of the final paragraph of article 139 of Law 1437 of 2011, which prevented the popular judge from ruling on an act of electoral content.

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